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Shallipopi Biography, Age, Net Worth, State of Origin

Talented Nigerian hip-hop rapper and singer, whose real name is Crown Uzama but professionally known as Shallipopi, hails from Benin.

Shallipopi’s Biography

Crown Uzama, recognized professionally as Shallipopi, is a 23-year-old Nigerian singer from Benin, Nigeria.

Shallipopi’s Age

Crown Uzama, known as Shallipopi, was born on the 12th of April, 2000, making him currently 23 years old.

Shallipopi’s State of Origin and Nationality

Crown Uzama hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria and currently resides in Lagos State.


This Gen Z artist made a significant impact on the music industry with his song “Elon Musk,” which was released on the 14th of March, 2023. His return with this new sound has gained massive popularity on various social media platforms.


Shallipopi affectionately refers to his fans as ‘Plutomanian Citizens.’ He embarked on his music journey independently from a very young age, driven by his deep passion for music. Initially, he started by creating freestyles on Tiktok and other social media platforms. As an independent singer, he faced challenges in financing his music production and promoting his songs. Nevertheless, he has achieved substantial growth with the release of his new single ‘Elon Musk.’

However, he encountered a copyright issue that forced him to take down the song, as the beat used in the song was not originally his. He subsequently reworked the song and reposted it across all platforms.


Shallipopi’s notable songs include:

– Elon Musk

– Power

– Gra Gra

– Shaka

– Wait

Shallipopi’s Net Worth

Shallipopi is estimated to have a net worth of $5000.

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