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Magnito Biography, Age, Net Worth, State of Origin

Mohammed Usman Adamu, who was born on September 15, is widely recognized as Magnito, a Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter renowned for his chart-topping track “If I Get Money.” His breakthrough occurred with the release of his hit single, “Medicine Girl,” back in 2010.

Magnito currently stands as one of the prominent rap artists in Nigeria, gaining substantial recognition and collaborating with top-tier artists. His estimated net worth is approximately $600,000.


Here are five essential facts about Magnito:


1. Magnito’s birth name is Mohammed Usman Adamu.


2. Tingo Mobile entered into a substantial contract with Magnito valued at $120,000.


3. His debut music video for the single “Wake” was filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa.


4. He embarked on his rap journey at the age of 19.


5. Magnito hails from the Idoma tribe of Benue state.

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